What Is Systemic Sustainability?

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What Is Sustainability?

Sustainability is perhaps best defined as the ability of the current generation to provide for its basic needs and desires, without impeding the ability of future generations to do the same.

What Is Systemic Sustainability?

What Is Systemic Sustainability? Systemic Sustainability is the means by which symptoms are alleviated, but at the same time, the root cause of the underlying problem is determined, and ultimately eliminated.

Complex and systemic problems require systemic solutions.

Systemic sustainability is a rather broad term that encompasses the principles of economic, environmental, and sociological sustainability.

In a sustainable system, each portion of the system is singularly sustainable, while at the same time strengthening the entire system.


The Blog is where we will post interesting articles pertaining to viable and realistic approaches to systemically sustainable human growth and development.


On the Projects Page you will be able to see some of the projects that have been developed for the introduction of systemically sustainable development at all levels.


The Environmental portion of this website will be focusing on environmental issues and concerns. It will include many solutions that have been developed for global concerns.


Sociological sustainability is the most commonly overlooked aspect of sustainable development, but inherently important in terms of human growth and development.


Economics and finance are different worlds, though related. The real question is how do you finance sustainable developments without burdening the taxpayers in society?

What Is Needed?

Singular solutions can only fail!

In these pages we will address many of the problems currently associated with sustainability and provide many viable solutions. Systemic solutions ultimately consist of the ability to incorporate a cooperative or collaborative effort by and between governments, corporations, and the persons living in the world. Such a system would include a weighted voice for all of the parties involved, without allowing any singular party to have undue influence or control. Only in this way can a system be introduced that will function within the current sociopolitical and socioeconomic systems in place, while at the same time being able to withstand a collapse of the current system without collapsing in kind.

Many of us are familiar with some of the problems, but many of the solutions being proposed are ultimately more dangerous than not doing anything.

What Is Not Needed?

What is not needed are singularly sustainable solutions that only seek to alleviate individual symptoms while doing nothing about the underlying cause.

What is not needed is dependence on the very same governments that not only got us into this situation, but who have shown their willingness to violently quell any resistance to the current status quo, including the declaration of war and the destruction of sovereign nations to retain their power over both the social and economic global situation, never mind government environmental policy.

Sustainability has become little more than a catch phrase for marketing and sales!

The time has come for like-minded people to unite, not to demand solutions, but to create them ourselves. If you would like to join us in our efforts, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know. If you feel more comfortable with monetary support, that is appreciated as it allows us to continue creating new concepts and implementing projects.

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I am a project designer and author with more than 48 years of field experience as a project designer and developer, and with document creation. I have developed everything from smaller, single-facility isolated community service centers to full systemically sustainable community developments. Whatever your needs may be, all of our solutions are integrated, adaptive, and scalable.

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